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Re: error during the installation

[GET][PURCHASED] Phantom Filmschool 1- master autopilot with Litchi


File Size: 56 mb X 46 Lessons



RAR file contains

		1. Phantom Filmschool 1- master autopilot with
		2. ReadMe.Important!.txt
		3. Changelog.txt
		4. Documentation.html
		5. Phantom Filmschool 1- master autopilot with Litchi Scan

		SHA256:	2bbf6655ac5e432848b825225ce3c1f8de1b1526f11e581e4ed804235f5be2fa
		File name:	Phantom Filmschool 1- master autopilot with Litchi.rar
		Detection ratio:	0 / 53 / Clean 
		Analysis date:	21.09.2016 16:24 UTC



Donald Davis

This course is great, After applying the principles that I learned in this course, my videos for my Phantom 3 are 100 % better. Cant wait to finish, and take Phantom Filmschool 2�


Walter Smith

This course was more than I ever expected. Ive been flying a Phantom for 3 years and learned more from this course than from 3 years of searching YouTube, joining forums and reading books. I am a new Litchi user and this course has opened my eyes so much. Im like a little kid in the candy store waiting for each new lecture and the Resources/charts/PDFs what a bonus. I would give you 10 stars if that rating were available.


David Thomas

Very well done. Great examples. Well organized. Informative. Instructor does an excellent job explaining concepts and providing demos.


�**This course is for anyone with a Phantom 3/4 or Inspire**

This course will teach you how to use the Litchi app to shoot pro cinematic footage with the help of autopilot on your DJI Phantom 3/4 & Inspire quadcopter or drone. Up until now you would need a 2 person rig (camera man and pilot) to do these shots flawlessly such as the Inspire 1 or the S1000.

I will teach you how to set up and execute the following 6 killer shots:

- the Flyby

- the POI (Point of interest) Flyby

- the advanced POI Flyby

- the Orbit

- the Forwards Reveal

- the Backwards Reveal

- 7th bonus material shot: the Corkscrew

We will go in depth into the Litchi Hub, how to Frame a subject and the Litchi app and camera settings with emphasis on aerial videography Golden Rules.

You will be able to apply these shots to almost any situation and your ability to shoot awesome cineamtic footage will skyrocket after this course.

You will also have a thorough understanding of the Phantom camera and be able to choose the settings that deliver the best results (Android app only). From now on videography on a drone will be professional, smooth and cinematic.

After this course you will take to the skies with your drone with confidence and the necessary skill set to shoot awesome pro footage!

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01.11.2016 04:39

From: Bangladesh
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Phantom Filmschool 1- master autopilot with Litchi -

Thank you very much for this amazing share! Max rep added :)))


02.11.2016 07:39

From: Malta
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Phantom Filmschool 1- master autopilot with Litchi -

Repped + bump

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05.11.2016 21:54

From: Azerbaijan
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Phantom Filmschool 1- master autopilot with Litchi -

Like always great share and great job, thank you !


08.11.2016 02:39

From: Guyana
Registered: 14.01.2016
Posts: 118
Reputation: 15

Phantom Filmschool 1- master autopilot with Litchi -

Gave you a +5. Thanks.


10.11.2016 05:24

Active Member
From: Tuvalu
Registered: 07.08.2015
Posts: 127
Reputation: 869

Phantom Filmschool 1- master autopilot with Litchi -

Thank you, much appreciated! Reps added! :-)


14.11.2016 02:21

From: Liechtenstein
Registered: 05.01.2016
Posts: 177
Reputation: 8

Phantom Filmschool 1- master autopilot with Litchi -

Thanks for the great share.


16.11.2016 23:34

From: Denmark
Registered: 19.01.2016
Posts: 79
Reputation: 75

Phantom Filmschool 1- master autopilot with Litchi -

ANy body reupload this?


22.11.2016 01:23

Active Member
From: Qatar
Registered: 25.05.2016
Posts: 208
Reputation: 695

Phantom Filmschool 1- master autopilot with Litchi -

Thanks you very much... rep +5.


23.11.2016 18:52

From: Armenia
Registered: 15.09.2015
Posts: 311
Reputation: 334

Phantom Filmschool 1- master autopilot with Litchi -

Awesome share bud! +rep

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