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[PURCHASED] Sounds Trues Mindfulness Practice for Joy and Compassion

Link Updated: Download

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		2. ReadMe.Important!.txt
		3. Changelog.txt
		4. Documentation.html
		5. Sounds Trues Mindfulness Practice for Joy and Compassion Scan

		SHA256:	eab9a79b8f5251f51ddf1fd2e4b49f255248cd9e5f292bfd55b880a445732f7e
		File name:	Sounds Trues Mindfulness Practice for Joy and Compassion.rar
		Detection ratio:	0 / 53 / Clean 
		Analysis date:	13.08.2016 17:55 UTC



This course, taught by Thich Nh?t H?nh, a world famous Buddhist monk, poet, peace activist, and teacher, will teach you how to find happiness and access the �Kingdom of God� in the here and now.

Youll practice mindfulness techniques, including meditation and simple breathing methods, so you can concentrate fully and connect with all the life that surrounds you.

From breathing meditation to walking meditation, youll learn how to touch the wonders of life to nourish and heal your body and reduce your suffering.

Practice Mindfulness in Your Everyday Life to Transform Your Mind and Body

  • Understand how to be mindful, whether youre simply breathing or walking
  • Learn from your past and release anxiety about your future
  • Reflect upon your connection with nature and to all life
  • Access ancient Buddhist teachings to release suffering and gain compassion

Receive Freedom, Joy, and Release from Suffering with Buddhist Teachings

As you listen to Thich Nh?t H?nhs speech, youll begin to learn how to breathe, practice mindfulness, and release your suffering while sending compassion outwardly as well as towards yourself.

In addition to learning how to make yourself happier, youll understand the necessity of being happy in order to serve others.

Also, in between the lectures in this course, Buddhist monks and nuns alongside Thich Nh?t H?nh will musically chant and meditate with you as you put what youre learning into practice.

Contents and Overview

This course begins with Thich Nh?t H?nh explaining how to breathe to the sound of the bell so you can come back to center and bring calmness into the mind and body.

As you breathe in and out to the sound of the bell, you can begin practicing mindfulness from the start of the course.

Youll then learn about the importance of listening with every cell of your body by breathing with the sound. As you do, you�ll bring unity into your body and mind to become fully present.

If youre dealing with difficulties, youll understand how practicing mindfulness can bring you joy in the present, and how to embrace your suffering while moving through it.

Next, youll learn a method for transforming suffering into healing and compassion before diving into how to acknowledge your connection to the Kingdom of God through Mother Nature.

Another aspect of mindfulness is being able to learn from the past and prepare for the future. Youll learn how being in the present can help you transform the past and remove anxiety about what�s to come.

Youll even comprehend the law of interbeing, understanding how the entire universe is reliant upon positive and negative aspects of life being connected to each other.

Thich Nh?t H?nh will then discuss mindful consumption, as taught by the Buddha. Youll know how to avoid sickness and unhappiness by only consuming things that provide you, and those you love, with health.

By the time you complete this course, youll be aware of how to use mindfulness in your everyday life to bring more joy and compassion to yourself and everyone around you.

Youll be able to meditate, reflect, transform, and make decisions in your work and relationships that will positively impact life all over the world.

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Sounds Trues Mindfulness Practice for Joy and Compassion -

reps for this share man :)


03.10.2016 00:16

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Sounds Trues Mindfulness Practice for Joy and Compassion -

+5 rep


08.10.2016 10:51

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Sounds Trues Mindfulness Practice for Joy and Compassion -

I'm interested.rep added.Thank you


15.10.2016 22:44

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Sounds Trues Mindfulness Practice for Joy and Compassion -

Awesome share , a well deserved +5 rep given


21.10.2016 02:44

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Sounds Trues Mindfulness Practice for Joy and Compassion -

Thanks for the great share.


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