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[VIP][PURCHASED] Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification


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In this course you will learn how to use Animal Reiki; a simple, non-invasive alternative therapy�to help animals balance on physical, mental/emotional, and energetic levels.

Learn how to connect with animals so that you can help them to heal.

Learn how to perform Reiki on all animals of all sizes

Learn how to perform Reiki on yourself

Create a mental space where you can access your intuition and communicate with animals

Receive distance attunements to align you to Reiki energy

Use Reiki to improve your life and the lives of animals

Reiki is an alternative therapy that originated in Japan in the late 1800s and is performed in private practices and hospitals around the world. It is easy to learn and non-invasive and creates balance so that healing can occur on all levels as determined by the body and mind of the recipient.

Animals are very sensitive to energy and love receiving Reiki energy. You can perform effective Reiki sessions with animals using hands on methods or from a distance. This non-invasive therapy makes it ideal for working with all kinds of animals, from domestic pets to wildlife.

Content and Overview

This course will benefit you if you are new to Reiki or an experienced practitioner wanting to learn about working with animals. This course has 30 lectures including handouts and learning activities.

You will be introduced to Reiki and the history of its founders. You will learn how you can perform Reiki sessions on yourself with a focus on healing and balancing. You will learn about the sacred Reiki symbols and how to use them in your sessions. You will be guided as you create a mental healing space where you can perform distance Reiki sessions on animals as well as communicate with them. This mental Reiki room can also be helpful for creating a stronger connection with your intuition and assist you when communicating with animals.

You will learn how to conduct Animal Reiki sessions from start to finish on various animals in various locations. You will learn how to perform hands-on Animal Reiki sessions as well as how to perform Reiki with an animal from short and long distances.

You will receive various handouts including client waivers and intake forms that you can use with your clients as well as a traditional Animal Reiki Practitioner certificate that you can use for display purposes.

In this course, you will schedule your distance attunement ceremony with a Certified Reiki Master (Lisa Powers) and receive the 5 attunements to align you with Reiki energy so that you can perform effective sessions on yourself and animals.

Reiki can be a powerful tool to heighten self-awareness as well as healing. You will learn how you can use this amazing practice to help yourself and the lives of animals.

Important Note:

Students who wish to receive certification in this course will receive attunements to Levels I, II which will require that they provide personal information (name, email) when they schedule these attunements. Note: information provided is confidential and only used for the purpose of the attunement ceremony.

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17.09.2016 04:00

From: Brazil
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Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

Thanks for the great share! Rep added.

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22.09.2016 15:51

Active Member
From: Luxembourg
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Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

can u send me link through email or pm please know that a good, long session of weeping can often make you feel better, even if your circumstances have not changed one bit.


30.09.2016 02:04

From: Japan
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Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

Thank you, much appreciated! Reps added! :-)

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08.10.2016 00:19

From: Liberia
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Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

Max reps for you


13.10.2016 10:32

From: Israel
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Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

Thanks for the share! Red added.

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15.10.2016 16:00

From: San Marino
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Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

Thanks a lot for this, max reps.


18.10.2016 05:28

From: Haiti
Registered: 03.05.2016
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Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

once again thanks for an awesome and generous share


26.10.2016 15:48

From: Portugal
Registered: 23.01.2015
Posts: 384
Reputation: 642

Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

thanks for share man, I really want this.


01.11.2016 11:41

From: Luxembourg
Registered: 01.02.2016
Posts: 246
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Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

This is a freaking classic share and so much potential


07.11.2016 18:28

From: Benin
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Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

Nice F*CKING share made my day was looking for this earlier today. Max Reps much appreciated.


15.11.2016 07:14

From: Uganda
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Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

Thanks for sharing ...rep added


23.11.2016 16:30

From: Uzbekistan
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Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

reupload please.. link down..

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30.11.2016 16:36

Active Member
From: Sweden
Registered: 05.10.2015
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Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

Thank you very much. Rep added.

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02.12.2016 06:00

From: Kenya
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Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

+5 Rep added ! Thank You so much ..

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09.12.2016 23:02

Active Member
From: El Salvador
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Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

wooWW.. Great share! Thanks!!!! 5+ Rep added


17.12.2016 06:13

From: Turkmenistan
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Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

Thanks for the great share...reps added


27.12.2016 21:02

From: Dominican Republic
Registered: 04.05.2015
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Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification -

Love this forum


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