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From: Kuwait
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Re: error during the installation

[HOT] Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 the Easy Way - 9 Hours

Link Updated: Download

File Size: 54 mb X 58 Lessons



RAR file contains

		1. Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 the Easy Way - 9
		2. ReadMe.Important!.txt
		3. Changelog.txt
		4. Documentation.html
		5. Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 the Easy Way - 9 Hours Scan

		SHA256:	e611b138211f2f4cb5fa16a920de2821dd22891d57f83244e274cf45228a551e
		File name:	Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 the Easy Way - 9 Hours.rar
		Detection ratio:	0 / 53 / Clean 
		Analysis date:	23.02.2016 14:57 UTC



With the newest version of Microsoft�s presentation software, PowerPoint 2013, you can do more than ever when it comes to creating expertly designed slideshows. In this PowerPoint Training: How to Use PowerPoint 2013 course, our professional instructor will walk you through the exciting new features of PowerPoint 2013. Throughout this 9-hour class, you�ll learn the most effective ways to create polished presentations along with valuable shortcuts and tips for saving time.

Starting with the basics, you�ll discover how to work with the colorful new PowerPoint 2013 templates and to design your own backgrounds from scratch. Then, you�ll learn to add images, hyperlinks, audio, and video for engaging slides and attention-grabbing animations. As you then learn to merge shapes, maximize smart guides, and use motion paths, you�ll master custom icon creation and accurately aligned graphics. Finally, you�ll see how to take your presentations to the cloud as you learn to save your work online and to publish to the SkyDrive.

Don�t let technical difficulties get in your way. Prepare for every meeting by learning to size presentations in standard and wide screen layouts, and to run them on the web or via smartphones.

From 10 minute slideshows to lengthy presentations, this PowerPoint 2013 training course will give you the tools you need to share your story effectively.

Even if you�ve been making presentations for years, our tutorials will give you the inside scoop on new PowerPoint 2013 features that will take your work up another notch. Your presentations will look better than ever!

Plus, when you sign up for our class, you�ll also get these 6 BONUSES in addition to the 40+ online course videos:

  1. Downloadable & printable keyboard shortcuts - to help you save time and get your work done faster.
  2. An online quiz (40 questions) - to test what youve learned.
  3. Exercise files � to help you become proficient with the material.
  4. Downloadable & printable transcripts � to give you another learning option, if you prefer reading but don�t have time to take notes.
  5. Downloadable MP3s to play on your favorite audio device - to help you learn in the car, while you walk, or in the gym.
  6. A certificate of completion to tell everyone youve aced the course.

Take this ultimate PowerPoint Training course right now and learn how to use PowerPoint 2013.

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15.09.2016 12:54

From: Guyana
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Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 the Easy Way - 9 Hours -

Max reps for you

Maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story.


25.09.2016 02:19

From: Bosnia Herzegovina
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Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 the Easy Way - 9 Hours -

Wow!!! Just wow!! Thanks a lot for this


30.09.2016 06:53

From: Denmark
Registered: 19.07.2016
Posts: 308
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Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 the Easy Way - 9 Hours -

someone has reported this link on mega and they have deleted same s*** again with reporting links on this forum happen.


08.10.2016 04:02

From: Burundi
Registered: 01.01.2016
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Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 the Easy Way - 9 Hours -

Great share! Interested as well :) Thanks a bunch in advance!


17.10.2016 18:05

Active Member
From: Kuwait
Registered: 08.11.2015
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Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 the Easy Way - 9 Hours -

Thanks you very much... rep +5.


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