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From: Kyrgyzstan
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Re: error during the installation

[HOT SHARE] Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Course

Link Updated: Download

File Size: 72 mb X 36 Lessons



RAR file contains

		1. Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced
		2. ReadMe.Important!.txt
		3. Changelog.txt
		4. Documentation.html
		5. Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Course Scan

		SHA256:	b82183624581025dd411415c2fb91cf27548924bc4d943a12edf5caf390244f9
		File name:	Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Course.rar
		Detection ratio:	0 / 53 / Clean 
		Analysis date:	20.05.2016 20:54 UTC



Ideal for those seeking to enhance their Excel 2010 knowledge, the Learn Excel 2010 � Advanced by Simon Sez IT is a 7-hour training course covering advanced level Excel topics.

Microsoft has added very powerful tools to Excel over previous versions. Understanding these tools will save you time and energy combing through information. Learn how to create eye-catching charts and graphs (formatting axes and gridlines, showing basic trends, complex trends, even trends over time). Learn the differences between the various types of charts, relationships in data, and ways to show differences.

Discover methods to make your exceptions stand out so you can attack the anomalies and use the data to make your operations better. Excel�s tools are covered in depth which includes discussions on and are setting up live charts, Sparklines, color scales, and icon sets. Your data will become alive as you identify key action items and understand the meaning behind the numbers. Learn how to use Pivot Tables combined with Pivot Charts in powerful ways. You can move columns and rows to understand how the numbers relate more easily than ever before.

Finally, once you have analyzed the data you will need to share it; ascertain the method for exporting charts and graphs for the best presentation.

Plus, when you sign up for our class, you�ll also get these 5 BONUSES in addition to the 30 online course videos:

  1. Downloadable & printable keyboard shortcuts - to help you save time and get your work done faster.
  2. An online quiz (35 questions) - to test what youve learned.
  3. Downloadable & printable transcripts (over 120 searchable pages) � to give you another learning option, if you prefer reading but don�t have time to take notes.
  4. 7 hours of downloadable MP3s to play on your favorite audio device - to help you learn in the car, while you walk, or in the gym.
  5. A certificate of completion to tell everyone youve aced the course.

Where else can you find so many extra tools to help you master Excel 2010?!?!

So start learning today. Because being a technology dinosaur isn�t going to get you a promotion or raise!

All of our videos are high-definition videos, therefore, they are best viewed with the HD setting on, and the videos enlarged.

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17.09.2016 08:17

From: Belgium
Registered: 29.03.2016
Posts: 69
Reputation: 340

Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Course -

Really useful material here. +REP added


21.09.2016 06:15

From: Colombia
Registered: 03.01.2016
Posts: 236
Reputation: 205

Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Course -

Searching high and low for this.


22.09.2016 17:23

From: Bhutan
Registered: 09.03.2015
Posts: 34
Reputation: 106

Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Course -



28.09.2016 03:03

Active Member
From: El Salvador
Registered: 25.08.2015
Posts: 383
Reputation: 481

Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Course -

Thanks for the share.


02.10.2016 08:09

Active Member
From: Uzbekistan
Registered: 18.04.2016
Posts: 95
Reputation: 701

Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Course -

You provide quality shares. Love those. thanks again and again.


06.10.2016 16:35

From: Gambia
Registered: 09.11.2015
Posts: 367
Reputation: 460

Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Course -

Thank you very much for this. +++++ reps added.

It's kind of fun to do the impossible.


17.10.2016 03:41

Active Member
From: Djibouti
Registered: 23.02.2015
Posts: 254
Reputation: 309

Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Course -

GREAT CONTRIBUTION! High value and very usable. +5 reps


21.10.2016 19:14

From: Vatican City
Registered: 01.08.2015
Posts: 190
Reputation: 332

Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Course -

What an excellent share, solarx5000!

I would always rather be happy than dignified.


27.10.2016 03:26

Active Member
From: Slovakia
Registered: 23.08.2016
Posts: 16
Reputation: 22

Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Course -

This could be useful to me, thanks for share! Giving you rep


04.11.2016 01:11

From: Malta
Registered: 08.07.2016
Posts: 307
Reputation: 604

Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Course -

+5Rep added


06.11.2016 07:03

From: South Sudan
Registered: 16.10.2015
Posts: 72
Reputation: 597

Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Course -

Are you sure it's the version 5.6.0? I open the file functions.php and it display version 5.3.0


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