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Re: error during the installation

[HOT] The Professional Guitar Masterclass

Link Updated: Download

File Size: 77 mb X 135 Lessons



RAR file contains

		1. The Professional Guitar
		2. ReadMe.Important!.txt
		3. Changelog.txt
		4. Documentation.html
		5. The Professional Guitar Masterclass Scan

		SHA256:	f821f4146d51224b22a5f24343c2d91199919a91f7a958121348ff29c5769b8d
		File name:	The Professional Guitar Masterclass.rar
		Detection ratio:	0 / 53 / Clean 
		Analysis date:	20.12.2015 20:15 UTC



Want the very best guitar lessons on the web? �With pro�instructor feedback??

I�am an award-winning GIT�grad, a�15+ year�professional guitarist with 50k+�students, and the founder of Guitargate�-�the only guitar site�sponsored by a major guitar brand, PRS�Guitars.�

This course will teach you how to master your fretboard, understand music theory, and most importantly, how to use these tools to craft your own unique sound.

*Watch lecture one (free preview) for a course introduction video

This course is a four part, interactive, step-by-step, all HD video course which teaches you everything you need to play with complete confidence and control in any genre of music!

Professional players dont hunt and peck or play without a plan. If youre getting paid to do studio work, tour with a working band, or even just play out in you local town, you need to know your instrument front and back, and know how to sound like you. This course is designed to give you exactly that.

Get beyond tabs. Get beyond memorizing note for note. Learn how to improvise and play with ease around the fretboard!

No tricks or gimmicks! If you follow the course and work hard, you will feel confident playing in any genre, over any changes, with anyone, anywhere, and be able to put your own personality into the music! Its really not that difficult if you try!

For the price of one month of private guitar lessons, you can have unlimited lifetime access to a world class guitar curriculum with real individual feedback from a professional instructor!

Lectures feature all HD videos with multiple camera angles (so you can easily see the neck), downloadable fretboard diagrams, custom jam tracks to play along with, and detailed lesson text. If you post a question or a video link in the discussion forum, I will personally respond with real individual feedback! I try to check it daily.

No matter where you are in your playing, this course will fill in the gaps and break down the neck and music theory in a simple, and most importantly, applicable way.

While this course is geared to players with at least 6 months of experience, you will go from the very beginning to playing over complex non-diatonic changes leaving no stone unturned. There isnt a more comprehensive course available anywhere.

After completing this course, if you wanted, you will have the tools to be a working professional guitarist... Or, you could just be a great guitar player and have a TON of fun. Either way, I personally GUARANTEE you wont find another course as streamlined, simple, and effective as this one. Ive spent my whole professional life crafting this unique approach to the guitar, and I stand by it 100%.

The success Ive had with my students has been nothing short of outstanding! Check out these student testimonials:

  • Gerard Bellini - I attended Berklee online. Although they hit all the topics, you are the glue that puts it all together. My hat is off to you. Thanks!
  • Erick Plascencia - Washington, D.C. - Im amazed at how good your program is. Ive learned more in one week than I have ever taught myself in the 10+ years that Ive played the guitar!
  • Bob Turitz - Eagle, CO - Seriously, I have never learned so much in the past 25 years than I have in the last few months! I love your teaching style!
  • Graham Baughman - Louisville, KY - Having played for 20+ years, all blues stuff, I am glad to finally learn the neck. Thanks for building a great way to learn! There is no other web site like yours! Thanks!
  • Jim Ferrie - Shrewsbury, England - Ive been playing guitar for 45 years and your lessons and style of teaching is second to none. It is my most important find in my quest to learn guitar! I have never been more motivated to learn!
  • Chris Reynolds - Hertford, England, UK - Ive been self taught for 12 years mostly by tabs and songs. I havent seen theory explained in a way that makes so much sense, and Ive spent many years looking!!
  • Ryan Endersby - Fredericksburg, VA - I have improved my ability ten fold. I finally feel comfortable on the fretboard and having individual feedback is AMAZING! You will learn your instrument!
  • JC Senatore - Blacksburg, VA - In 2 months, Ive gotten better than I have in the past 2 years. No joke.
  • Tristan Johnson - Concord, CA - I love the site, and it provides an excellent value. After a decade of strumming and learning a lick here and there, my playing is blossoming and Im inspired in a way I dont think Ive ever been!
  • Donnie Eastman - Atlantic City, NJ - Ive had lessons for years and never understood theory and modes. In five minutes I felt that �ah-ha moment! Awesome!

Lastly, I would like this course to be as interactive as possible, so if you wish to post videos completing lessons, or have a question about any specific lesson, please post the YouTube link or the question in the discussion forum and I will respond to you ASAP.

This is something you wont find on any other course anywhere! Again, I will try to check the forums daily. I hope to see you inside!

And remember, you have a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. Im confident youll see the quality of the course right away, but if you dont love it, thats fine too...just send me a message and tell me how I can improve:)

Also, just to make sure you love it, you can preview the course for 5 minutes without purchasing. So take a look around!

Please Enroll Today!


Michael Palmisano

Practice hard, and Im looking forward to watching your videos!!

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17.11.2016 22:31

From: Central African Rep
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The Professional Guitar Masterclass -

Max Reps to you for this sucker.


23.11.2016 19:26

From: Armenia
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The Professional Guitar Masterclass -

Nice F*CKING share made my day was looking for this earlier today. Max Reps much appreciated.


29.11.2016 15:10

Active Member
From: Slovakia
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The Professional Guitar Masterclass -

thx for sharing ;)


05.12.2016 20:48

From: Iran
Registered: 17.08.2015
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Reputation: 315

The Professional Guitar Masterclass -

Looks like an awesome share

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08.12.2016 03:09

From: Cuba
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The Professional Guitar Masterclass -

great share, mate:)


11.12.2016 09:54

Active Member
From: Colombia
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The Professional Guitar Masterclass -

D.A.M.N fine share!


19.12.2016 16:06

From: Botswana
Registered: 24.04.2015
Posts: 144
Reputation: 715

The Professional Guitar Masterclass -

Great share! Thanks. Max reps given.


22.12.2016 04:38

From: Canada
Registered: 10.07.2016
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Reputation: 690

The Professional Guitar Masterclass -

rep added thx


26.12.2016 05:24

From: Mozambique
Registered: 03.11.2015
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The Professional Guitar Masterclass -

Great share! Thanks. Max reps given.


05.01.2017 10:43

From: Andorra
Registered: 26.05.2015
Posts: 84
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The Professional Guitar Masterclass -

keep up the good work.


12.01.2017 20:28

From: Bolivia
Registered: 23.08.2016
Posts: 18
Reputation: 26

The Professional Guitar Masterclass -

Thanks for the share


17.01.2017 22:13

From: Kuwait
Registered: 11.11.2015
Posts: 115
Reputation: 795

The Professional Guitar Masterclass -

Max rep +++++

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