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Re: error during the installation

[SHARE OF THE MONTH] Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys


File Size: 92 mb X 149 Lessons



RAR file contains

		1. Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12
		2. ReadMe.Important!.txt
		3. Changelog.txt
		4. Documentation.html
		5. Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys Scan

		SHA256:	483349a989f8aa8ed520bd1bfa212a44afbd1144f91a421fb81612e408f732f3
		File name:	Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys.rar
		Detection ratio:	0 / 53 / Clean 
		Analysis date:	21.02.2016 19:01 UTC



Rosas Online School:

  • Teaching 22 Courses�on Business Successes - Udemy, Kindle, Skillshare!
  • Teaching 42 Courses�on Music & Piano Courses!

OVER 25,000�Successful students have already taken my online courses since July 2014 with 877 - 5 Star Reviews

Course Updated: Nov 1, 2016



Review from Sam: Revolutionary way to learn chord progression!

Already knew circle of 5ths when I first learned theory, but didnt know that it also can be used to chord progression for every key.

Rosa structured the whole course in such a detail where it takes you from a player who cant play without score to a player who can start playing simple songs by ear. But what is more important is that you can advance further from there by playing in different keys, exploring more advanced chords using her concept.

Even if you are an advanced player, I think this course still can help you build a solid foundation in understanding the chord progression in more details.

Highly recommended!


Review from Angel Candelaria: Very Useful

A great resource for both students and music teachers. HIghly recommended!


Review from Barbara: Circle of 5ths really is magic for learning!

This course is so full of information it will keep you busy for awhile. The Magic Circle has helped me learn Key Signatures, the order of Sharps and Flats, Roman Numerals & Chord progressions. There is a Chart in the course that is helpful also. I loved the exercises which helped me retain the information. Best course on the Circle of Fifths I have ever encountered. Quality course.


The Circle of 5ths is a fascinating music tool for students studying piano, guitar, ukulele ... and as a matter of fact, all instruments studies!

  • Have you ever wondered what the letters mean?
  • Do you know how to make the Circle of 5ths come alive for you?
  • What is the difference between Circle of 5ths & Circle of 4ths?
  • How about learning a simple formula to find all the scale tones of all 12 Keys!
  • Use my trick to quickly identify the sharps & keys of 12 keys w/o calculation!
  • Learn to know the Circle of 5ths like reading the time on the clock!
  • Learn the 2 Circles Trick to find Chords I, IV, V7 of all 12 Keys!
  • Learn a visual concept to find out the 7 diatonic chords of all 12 Keys!
  • Learn all 5 Secondary Dominant Chords of all 12 Keys!
  • Learn the great value of 6 Dominant Chords in a song!
  • Quick way to see all the 12 Important Chords to harmonize any songs!
  • Follow simple formulas to play by ear using the Circle of 5ths to guide you.
  • You will learn many of the chord progressions of popular / standard songs
  • You will eventually learn to write your own songs using the Circle in any Key you wish.

Heres the Secret: Turn the Static Circle of 5ths into a Dynamic Moving Circle. When you watch your circles move, you know exactly what I am talking about!

Learn how to let the 12 tones interact with each so that they can dance together and run harmoniously.

Learn all my Magic Circle Tips (from my 35 years of music journey) so that you can make full use of the Circle regarding music harmony in the next 5 HOURS.

In this course, I will even show you how to make a DIY Circle of 5ths so that you can use this musical tool to practice all your piano techniques.


This is a Comprehensive Course covering Music Harmony - Basic to Advanced!

Even Advanced Music is made EZ for you to understand in the presentation!

You are going to see PATTERNS & Music Harmony in ONE FLASH!

147 Lectures + 4 Hours of Video

  • 28 Topics Covered
  • 12 Songs Analysis using Circle of 5ths
  • 7 Key Exercises on the Circle of 5ths
  • 15 Chord Progressions from the Circle of 5ths
  • 47Magic Circle Tips
  • 14 Bonus Videos


The Following Main Topics are covered in the Circle of 5ths Course with Music Theory & Music Fundamentals fully explained:

1. The Magic Moving Circle

2. Know the 12 o clock position

3. How will you write the 12 Tones?

4. Pattern of Magic Circle Movement

5. Circle Reveals all 12 Key Signatures

6. Circle Gives The Order of Sharps and Flats in Key Signatures

7. Magic Formula to Get 7 Scale Tones of all 12 Keys

8. Magic Circle Numerals: Basic Chords for all 12 Keys - I, IV, V7

9. Magic Circle Reveals 7 Diatonic Chords - 7th Chords

10. Roman Numerals for 7 Diatonic Chords

11. Minor 7 Chords Movement - ii7, iii7, vi7

12. Create your Own Musical Tool: Circle of 5ths

13. Magic Circle - Significance of Dominant 7th Chords

14. One primary dominant chord in each key

15. 5 secondary dominant chords in each key

16. A total of 12 dominant chords in music

17. Songs have both primary & secondary dominants in chord progressions

18. How Secondary Dominant Chords are derived from

19. 2 Roman Numerals for Secondary Dominant Chords

20. Learn the Trick to only One Roman numeral notation for secondary dominants

21. Roman Numeral Template for Secondary Dominants

22. Capital vs Small letters

23. Secondary Dominant Chords in all 12 Keys

24. Create 2 Circles to see everything in ONE Flash


Application: 12 Songs Analysis using Circle of 5ths:

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

2. You are My Sunshine

3. Amazing Grace

4. Hey Jude

5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

6. Heart and Soul

7. Try to Remember

8. Tennessee Waltz

9. We Wish You A Merry Christmas

10. Home On the Range

11. Five Foot Two

12. My Way


7 Exercises in the Circle of 5ths:

1. Find all 12 Scale Tones of 12 Keys in One Flash

2. Find all Sharps & Flats of 12 Keys In One Flash

3. Find all Basic Chords in One Flash

4. Find all 7 Diatonic Chords in all 12 Keys in One Flash

5. Find all Dominant Chord movement in One Flash

6. Find all V7 to I Chord Progression in One Flash

7. Find all 5 Secondary Dominant Chords in all 12 Keys in One Flash


15 Chord Progressions:

1. I - IV

2. IV - I

3. I - V7

4. V7 - I

5. I - V7 - I

6. I - V7 - I - IV - I

7. I - IV - I - V7- I

8. ii7 V7 I

9. vi7 ii7 V7 I

10. iii7 vi7 ii7 V7 I

11. II7 V7 I

12. VI7 II7 V7 I

13. III7 VI7 II7 V7 I

14. VII7 III7 VI7 V7 I

15. I - I7 - IV


52 Magic Circle Tips

Magic Circle Tip 1: 12 Unique Tones

Magic Circle Tip 2: Make Your Circle Run

Magic Circle Tip 3: Home Chord at 12 o clock

Magic Circle Tip 4: 12 Tones Correspond to 1 Octave

Magic Circle Tip 5: Circle does not move alphabetically

Magic Circle Tip 6: Chord Tones like to Move up in Perfect 5ths

Magic Circle Tip 7: Chord Tones like to Move up in Perfect 4ths

Magic Circle Tip 8: Up in 5ths and Down in 4ths at the piano

Magic Circle Tip 9: Easy to Identify the Sharps & Flats

Magic Circle Tip 10: Right Side - Sharps

Magic Circle Tip 11: Left Side - Flats

Magic Circle Tip 12: Add 1 More

Magic Circle Tip 13: Order of Sharps - Start at F

Magic Circle Tip 14: Order of Flats - Start at B

Magic Circle Tip 15: Clockwise for Sharps & counter clockwise for Flats

Magic Circle Tip 16: Add one Extra

Magic Circle Tip 17: Slash at 11 & 5 oclock

Magic Circle Tip 18: No need to use charts anymore

Magic Circle Tip 19. Basic Chords (I, IV, V7 ) are together as a family

Magic Circle Tip 20: Chord 1 alternates between Chord IV & V7

Magic Circle Tip 21: Chord V7 resolves to I - Final Cadence

Magic Circle Tip 22: Amazing Grace Chord movement

Magic Circle Tip 23: Can predict chord progressions - Hey Jude

Magic Circle Tip 24: 7th Chords: IM7, ii7, iii7, IVM7, V7, vi7 vii dim 7

Magic Circle Tip 25: Minor 7 Chords - ii7, iii7, vi7 are side by side together

Magic Circle Tip 26: Use Template and no need to use charts

Magic Circle Tip 27: 1625 Minor Chord Movement

Magic Circle Tip 28: 1625 Repeating in Heart and Soul

Magic Circle Tip 29: 36251 in Try To Remember

Magic Circle Tip 30: Create Your Own Circle

Magic Circle Tip 31: Only One primary dominant chord in each key

Magic Circle Tip 32: New inner template for V7 to *

Magic Circle Tip 33: Only 12 V7 Chords in music

Magic Circle Tip 34: Secondary Dominant V7/V7

Magic Circle Tip 35: Secondary Dominant V7/ii7

Magic Circle Tip 36. Secondary Dominant V7/vi7

Magic Circle Tip 37. Secondary Dominant V7/iii7

Magic Circle Tip 38. Secondary Dominant V7/IV

Magic Circle Tip 39: 2 Roman Numerals for each secondary dominant chords

Magic Circle Tip 40: Primary Dominant vs Secondary Dominants

Magic Circle Tip 41: Secondary Dominant Chords Resolve Back to Diatonic Chords

Magic Circle Tip 42: Inner Template with Simplified One Roman Numeral

Magic Circle Tip 43: Difference in Capitals and small letters

Magic Circle Tip 44: All Secondary Dominants in Capital Letters

Magic Circle Tip 45: Template to see all secondary dominants in ONE flash

Magic Circle Tip 46: 5 Secondary Dominants for C Key

Magic Circle Tip 47: Have 2 Circles In Front of You

Magic Circle Tip 48: I - I7 - I Chord Progression

Magic Circle Tip 49 II7- V7 - 1 Chord Progression

Magic Circle Tip 50: VI7 - II7 - V7 - I Chord Progression

Magic Circle Tip 51: III7 - VI7 - II7 - V7 - I

Magic Circle Tip 52: Combining all the chord progressions in one song

Enroll into the course and I will see you in there,



More Feedback from students inside the course:

JudyRae Harbin

This moving circle such a BRILLIANT tool & worthy of mass production! Thank you Rosa!!Youve done a thoroughly absorbable and penetrating job with it, as you always do!

Thank you so much for the magic moving wheel, , and for all your work!

Gratefully, JudyRae



Thanks Rosa for the instructions on making the Circle of 5ths.

I am learning in leaps and bounds with your courses. I am more motivated than I have been in the past to keep learning. Its fun now to watch you play and hope to one day be nearly as good.

Thanks Rosa!

You have given us so much information in this course and I see you are still adding more. I feel like I am in college and my Major is Music. :)


About Rosas Online School:

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  • See the�5 Star Reviews�from VERY satisfied students
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Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys -

Thanks for Share!!!


14.11.2016 20:25

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Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys -

Interesting, I might buy this.


21.11.2016 17:49

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Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys -

thanks, pm sent rep added


23.11.2016 19:24

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Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys -

Is it untouched version? Right from members area?


26.11.2016 09:18

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Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys -

+5 for sure...


04.12.2016 23:45

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Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys -

Whoo looking nice


12.12.2016 01:39

From: Laos
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Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys -

another awesome share. Repped!!! :)


15.12.2016 12:39

From: United Arab Emirates
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Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys -

another good share thanks


20.12.2016 16:11

From: Thailand
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Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys -

Great share, lets do taht.. REPS RES REPS


26.12.2016 17:33

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Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys -

Really useful material here. +REP added


05.01.2017 04:14

From: Burkina
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Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys -

Please reup again. Thanks alot :)!


08.01.2017 15:28

From: El Salvador
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Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys -

Looks very great. Nice share :)


10.01.2017 03:34

From: Georgia
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Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys -

Nice share my friend, thanks


10.01.2017 16:41

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Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys -

Hi, Rep added.


12.01.2017 22:20

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Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths #1: Scales, Chords, 12 Keys -

This is a great share


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