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Re: error during the installation

[GET] Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete Guide


File Size: 75 mb X 158 Lessons



RAR file contains

		1. Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete
		2. ReadMe.Important!.txt
		3. Changelog.txt
		4. Documentation.html
		5. Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete Guide Scan

		SHA256:	9213555eb29adbfd29f19eadff71524d259c2914eb91d24734649b2ddf9552db
		File name:	Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete Guide.rar
		Detection ratio:	0 / 53 / Clean 
		Analysis date:	29.09.2016 22:11 UTC



Want to produce professional quality music and audio using Logic Pro X?

By the end of this course, you will be able to use every feature of Logic Pro X with confidence. This will allow you to quickly and easily write, edit, mix and produce great music that sounds professional, polished and impressive.

Produce High Quality�Music and Audio That Will Help You�Achive Your #1 Goals

  • Spend less time fighting with the DAW and more time focusing on the music.
  • Discover the quickest and easiest ways to write music in Logic Pro.
  • Consistently produce mixes that sound�clear, powerful, and professional by following my step-by-step mixing system using stock plugins.
  • Learn how to put together a song in under 120 seconds using Apple Loops and MIDI (even if you don�t know how to write music).
  • Stay in the creative flow and prevent mistakes from ruining your workflow and inspiration�(by avoiding the common pitfalls that most people fall into when producing music in Logic Pro).
  • Write more music and edit more audio in less time by learning the little-known features of Logic Pro that will significantly speed up your workflow.
  • Learn how to record and edit audio to a professional standard in less time than any other DAW (because Logic Pro is super easy to use).

The Complete Guide to Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is a powerful piece of software. Learning it on your own or from free material on YouTube can take years, and it�s unlikely that you will ever explore the more powerful, advanced features.

For a fraction of the cost of Logic Pro X, you could take this course and avoid all of the wasted time and frustration that comes with figuring it out on your own.

If you are willing to invest in the software, it�s a no-brainer to spend a bit more on developing your own skills and knowledge.

This great piece of software is used by professional musicians and engineers around the world. It�s simple user interface makes it an absolute joy to use. It�s the easiest DAW to learn, yet it is also one of the most powerful.

Not only will you learn about composing music in Logic Pro, but you will also learn about recording, editing, mixing and mastering audio. Every single step of the audio production process is covered and can be performed within the software.

After covering the absolute basics of digital audio production and sound recording, we�ll dive deeper into each topic.

Why�Should You Take This Course?

  • Basic audio production and sound recording are taught, so you can take this course even if you are an absolute beginner.�
  • Absolutely everything is covered, from beginner to advanced topics, so dont hesitate to take this course even if you have been using Logic Pro for years.�
  • Produce, edit and mix your own music as you progress through the course with numerous activities and challenges scattered throughout.
  • The entire�course is taught by a single experienced teacher - no confusing teacher changes halfway through.
  • Downloadable resources such as check lists, cheat sheets, project files and project templates are all included.
  • Personal support and access to the instructor. Get your questions answered.
  • Small one off payment, no subscription.
  • High quality information, all in one place. No more trawling YouTube for good tutorials.
  • Access anywhere, 24/7.
  • Over 14�hours of material.
  • Delivered in a way that�s entertaining and enjoyable.
  • No questions asked 30 day refund policy.

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08.11.2016 22:42

From: Solomon Islands
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Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete Guide -

D.A.M.N fine share!


09.11.2016 17:29

Active Member
From: Ghana
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Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete Guide -

+5 rep added. Thanks for the share.


17.11.2016 04:54

From: Lithuania
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Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete Guide -

Great share!! - [+5] reps added


23.11.2016 04:13

From: Syria
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Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete Guide -

you must have been dropped on your head as a wee kid for being so kind, generous, and always OVER delivering


03.12.2016 21:24

From: South Sudan
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Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete Guide -

Thanks for the share... +++REPs++


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