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From: Trinidad & Tobago
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Re: error during the installation

[GET] CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 1


File Size: 80 mb X 35 Lessons



RAR file contains

		1. CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level
		2. ReadMe.Important!.txt
		3. Changelog.txt
		4. Documentation.html
		5. CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 1 Scan

		SHA256:	1117111fbaadd11bba18c8b2f26f4412dbc65481f547a2ae161b19f4f18299b4
		File name:	CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 1.rar
		Detection ratio:	0 / 53 / Clean 
		Analysis date:	03.06.2015 10:13 UTC



The CAGED Pentatonic Soloing System is designed to break you out of that box pattern that we all learned when we first started to play guitar. Its the virtual blueprint for utilizing the entire fretboard. If you are only using the standard pentatonic box pattern, you are only using 20% of the fretboard.

The goal of this course is to break you out of the single pentatonic box and get you using 5 different pentatonic shapes that utilize the entire fretboard.�

Pentatonic scales are a great place to start because its the first scale most guitar players learn, and its one that we use the most.�

Youll Learn:
5 Positions of the Major Scale
5 Positions of the Major Pentatonic Scale
5 Movable Chord Shapes
Triads Shapes
Chromatic Notes
Chord & Scale Formulas

Landing/Target Notes
Interval Matrix
Practice Logs
TABs and much more!!!!!

Its better to have some sort of soloing system versus having no system at all. This system is the method I use to create phrases, licks and solos. This method can really open up the way you view the fretboard of the guitar. This course shows you how-to connect chord shapes and scale patterns to take advantage of the entire fretboad. Its like connecting the dotes.

This course come with an MP3 Jam Track as well as, TABs, Chord & Scale Formulas, Interval Matrix, 5 Movable Chord Shapes, the 5 Major Scale Patterns, the 5 Major Pentatonic Scale Patterns, Extended Scale Pattern and Practice Log.

This course is 1 hour & 42 minutes in length.
11 Sections with 35 Lectures,

And while this course is aimed at country guitar players, you donthave to be a chicken picker to get something from this course. Even ifyour a Blues Player or Rock Guitarist, Im confidant this course willhelp you master the entire fretboard.

You are backed by Udemys 30 Day money back guarantee.

Click the green Take This Course Button to Get Started Today!

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14.11.2016 03:00

From: Kazakhstan
Registered: 15.04.2016
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CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 1 -

Dont need this, but +5 rep for this great share and your hard work.


23.11.2016 05:40

Active Member
From: China
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CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 1 -

Rep add +++++ awesome share.


24.11.2016 18:03

From: Tonga
Registered: 14.02.2015
Posts: 326
Reputation: 915

CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 1 -

Thank you for your sharing Rep+ added


25.11.2016 17:32

From: Finland
Registered: 10.02.2016
Posts: 335
Reputation: 742

CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 1 -

Thnaks +5 rep give


27.11.2016 06:58

From: St Kitts & Nevis
Registered: 07.09.2015
Posts: 308
Reputation: 621

CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 1 -

Repped + bump


07.12.2016 12:16

From: Poland
Registered: 08.10.2015
Posts: 113
Reputation: 481

CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 1 -

Rep'd for the mirror!


10.12.2016 02:13

From: Monaco
Registered: 27.03.2015
Posts: 154
Reputation: 541

CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 1 -

Thanks for this share ... max reps gladly given


18.12.2016 20:40

From: Gambia
Registered: 14.12.2015
Posts: 380
Reputation: 803

CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 1 -

Love this forum

I've been homesick for countries I've never been, and longed to be where I couldn't be.


28.12.2016 03:05

From: Cyprus
Registered: 02.01.2016
Posts: 330
Reputation: 539

CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 1 -

appreciate the time taken for the share.


28.12.2016 16:10

From: Denmark
Registered: 08.04.2015
Posts: 163
Reputation: 386

CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 1 -

Thank you very much.


04.01.2017 09:27

Active Member
From: Andorra
Registered: 23.07.2016
Posts: 167
Reputation: 333

CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 1 -

Max rep +++++

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