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From: Macedonia
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Re: error during the installation

[VIP][PURCHASED] English Grammar Refresher

Link Updated: Download

File Size: 65 mb X 24 Lessons



RAR file contains

		1. English Grammar
		2. ReadMe.Important!.txt
		3. Changelog.txt
		4. Documentation.html
		5. English Grammar Refresher Scan

		SHA256:	5ae92fcfba5975559225f11c614318b92729192e7dad0185dfba2f6ee599ea43
		File name:	English Grammar Refresher.rar
		Detection ratio:	0 / 53 / Clean 
		Analysis date:	03.05.2015 22:56 UTC



**Updated with�more�quizzes and complementary materials**

This is a�review�course for people who struggle with English�grammar. Surprisingly, many English learners make the most basic grammar mistakes repeatedly. Is this you? Then this is your course!�The goal of this course is to give you little tricks or hints�to help remember verb structure (for example, when to use helping verb do or be)�and�give examples to compare tenses so that you know when to choose one tense over another (a classic example of this is the past simple versus present perfect). You dont have to be confused anymore. This course is your first step to sounding more like a native English speaker with tenses. I tell you the common ways to use the tenses and each lecture includes a quiz to confirm your knowledge. We start with the most commonly used verb tenses and then move on to less frequently used tenses. By the end of the course, youll know the subtle differences between the English verb tenses and how to use them confidently in conversation. If youre already very�good at grammar, then Im afraid this course isnt for you.�

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23.11.2016 11:52

From: East Timor
Registered: 16.08.2015
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English Grammar Refresher -

can someone please reup to a better mirror ?


25.11.2016 13:55

From: Equatorial Guinea
Registered: 29.06.2016
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English Grammar Refresher -

Please upload new links, thanks.


04.12.2016 05:55

From: Kuwait
Registered: 07.12.2015
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English Grammar Refresher -

This is a really good share and very clean. Reps and thank you.

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12.12.2016 17:48

From: Japan
Registered: 01.02.2016
Posts: 394
Reputation: 43

English Grammar Refresher -

Cool bro! Thanks for the updates!


14.12.2016 11:04

From: Papua New Guinea
Registered: 19.04.2016
Posts: 386
Reputation: 400

English Grammar Refresher -

Thanks for the link!


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