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Re: error during the installation

[HOT SHARE] Learn Linux Administration and Supercharge Your Career


File Size: 65 mb X 54 Lessons



RAR file contains

		1. Learn Linux Administration and Supercharge Your
		2. ReadMe.Important!.txt
		3. Changelog.txt
		4. Documentation.html
		5. Learn Linux Administration and Supercharge Your Career Scan

		SHA256:	bf215e9e4297e5e2f18b84813fb9bf81f11a4221549c2426bf2e4f840581df21
		File name:	Learn Linux Administration and Supercharge Your Career.rar
		Detection ratio:	0 / 53 / Clean 
		Analysis date:	26.11.2015 17:48 UTC




If you want to learn Linux system administration and supercharge your career, read on.

Hello. My name is Jason Cannon and Im the author of Linux for Beginners, the founder of the Linux Training Academy, and an instructor to thousands of satisfied students. I started my IT career in the late 1990s as a Unix and Linux System Engineer and Ill be sharing my real-world Linux experience with you throughout this course.

By the end of this course you will fully understand the most important and fundamental concepts of Linux server administration. More importantly, you will be able to put those concepts to use in practical real-world situations. Youll be able to configure, maintain, and support a variety of Linux systems. You can even use the skills you learned to become a Linux System Engineer or Linux System Administrator.

What People Are Saying About Jason and his Courses:

Excellent course on Linux! It is the best way to get started using Linux that I have come across. --Chris Bischoff, Udemy student

This class was a great review of the 2 Linux classes I took in school. I learned plenty of new stuff and got a great refresher on things I havent used in some time. I did well on my interview and got the job I was looking for. Thanks! --Alan Derrick, Udemy student

This was a great course! Learned a lot from it! --Ricardo Jose Crosara Junior, Udemy student

Excellent starter course. Very good and complete guide to get you started on working on Linux. --Brian Mulder, Udemy student

Great course! Easy to understand for beginners and a great refresher for experienced users! --Spencer Ball, Udemy student

Very well laid out course. Thanks Jason! --Eric Etheredge, Udemy student

Love it... its absolutely one of the best courses Ive taken here on Udemy. --Idriss N, Udemy student

Awesome Course! Another great one. Thanks Jason! --John Wilmont, Udemy student

Excellent Course! Having come from a moderate understanding of Linux, this course has given me a deeper and more streamlined understanding of Linux. Definitely worth the money. --Armando Cabrera, Udemy student

Fantastic course and very beautifully explained. --S John, Udemy student

Great course, great instructor. I enjoyed every minute of it. I recommend this course 100%. --Alfredo, Udemy student

I am lovin it. Nice way to begin ones journey into Linux. --Rohit Gupta, Udemy student


Here is what you will learn by taking this Linux Administration course:

  • How the the boot process works on Linux servers and what you can do to control it.
  • The various types of messages generated by a Linux system, where theyre stored, and how to automatically prevent them from filling up your disks.
  • Disk management, partitioning, and file system creation.
  • Managing Linux users and groups.
  • Exactly how permissions work and how to decipher the most cryptic Linux permissions with ease.
  • Networking concepts that apply to system administration and specifically how to configure Linux network interfaces.
  • How to use the nano, vi, and emacs editors.
  • How to schedule and automate jobs using cron.
  • How to switch users and run processes as others.
  • How to configure sudo.
  • How to find and install software.
  • Managing process and jobs.
  • Linux shell scripting
  • Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee - thats my personal promise of your success!

What you learn in course applies to any Linux environment including Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Slackware, and more.


Free Bonus #1 - Video Demonstrations from my Command Line Kung-Fu book.

In this series of videos Ill be sharing with you some of my favorite Linux command line tricks. These tips will make your life easier at the command line, speed up your work flow, and make you feel like a certified Linux command line Ninja! If you want to see the pages of Command Line Kung-Fu come to life, then you have to watch these videos!

Free Bonus #2 - PDFs of All the Material Covered

As an added bonus for enrolling in this Linux Administration video training course, youll receive access to all the slides used in the lessons. You can download them and refer to them when you want to jog your memory or double-check your work.

Enroll now and start learning the skills you need to level up your career!

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06.09.2016 08:44

From: Nigeria
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Learn Linux Administration and Supercharge Your Career -

Thanks in advance for the download link


14.09.2016 11:52

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Learn Linux Administration and Supercharge Your Career -

I think this could come in handy :-) Would love to have it ;D Rep added!


19.09.2016 23:11

From: Kyrgyzstan
Registered: 08.03.2015
Posts: 18
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Learn Linux Administration and Supercharge Your Career -

Nice F*CKING share made my day was looking for this earlier today. Max Reps much appreciated.


26.09.2016 01:32

From: Qatar
Registered: 24.04.2016
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Learn Linux Administration and Supercharge Your Career -

nice share. reps added.


06.10.2016 04:33

From: Afghanistan
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Learn Linux Administration and Supercharge Your Career -

I'm interested.rep added.Thank you


12.10.2016 12:31

From: Korea North
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Learn Linux Administration and Supercharge Your Career -

Thanks for the update.


17.10.2016 05:36

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From: St Lucia
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Learn Linux Administration and Supercharge Your Career -

Rep added, i'm really interested


17.10.2016 15:11

From: Senegal
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Learn Linux Administration and Supercharge Your Career -

thanks + reps...awesome.


21.10.2016 15:11

From: Solomon Islands
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Learn Linux Administration and Supercharge Your Career -

Thanks for the share, +5 Rep added


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