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[SHARE OF THE MONTH] Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening

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		File name:	Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening.rar
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This course, by renowned yoga instructor and spiritual leader, Seane Corn, will guide you to the deeper dimensions of yoga.

You�ll discover your unique and vast potential, as well as your capacity for connection, empowerment, and consciousness.

As you progress from a physical to an energetic practice, you�ll use yoga poses to tune into the body-mind connection within.

In other words, you�ll develop a yoga practice that heals you not only physically, but also emotionally and energetically.

Align Your Body and Chakras to Create a Strong Mind-Body Connection

  • Establish and Deepen a Yoga Practice for Body and Mind
  • Unblock the Seven Chakras for Emotional and Energetic Wellness
  • Develop a Profound Connection with Your Inner Self

Use Yoga to Encourage Physical, Emotional, and Energetic Healing

Seane Corn has created this course to help you connect with your physical body before going deeper into your energetic body.

You�ll begin with foundational lessons in vinyasa flow yoga. As you create a foundation with this ancient practice, you�ll release tension and deepen your mind-body connection.

Once you learn to harmonize breathing, movement, and awareness, you�ll release stuck emotions by working with your edges. This will lead to both physical and emotional strength and wellbeing.

After harnessing the benefits of a physical practice, you�ll use yoga as a gateway to your chakras (seven energy centers in the body) to energetically heal.

Contents and Overview

You�ll begin this course with Seane�s body-mind flow so that you can build yoga poses from the ground up. This will ensure the process will be safe and effective.

You�ll also master proper breathing with a lesson on ujjayi pranayama before you dive into vinyasa flow yoga and experience an all-levels practice.

When ready, you�ll move onto lessons on how to further deepen your yoga experience, and you�ll also have the opportunity to move through an advanced practice.

After you�ve completed the body-mind flow, you can move on to the chakra flow section of the course. At this point, you�ll be ready to go even deeper into the mind-body connection you�ve already established.

You�ll learn about the chakras, how they absorb and reflect information, and how they impact your health.

When your seven chakras are blocked, you�ll feel unbalanced and unwell, so you�ll tackle how to open up and balance each chakra for physical and emotional wellness.

By the time you complete this course, you�ll have a thorough understanding of the connection between the mind and body, as well as the impact that your thoughts have upon your health.

You�ll realize that there�s no separation between body and mind, and you�ll know how to heal yourself by witnessing your thoughts, aligning your chakras, and allowing abundance to flow into your life.

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04.11.2016 11:59

From: Guatemala
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Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

Reps Reps Reps +2 more Reps man!!


13.11.2016 21:18

From: Solomon Islands
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Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

great share, great work, Reps added.


17.11.2016 07:07

From: Fiji
Registered: 21.04.2015
Posts: 252
Reputation: 256

Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

Wow! Awesome share, as usual, from you!

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17.11.2016 19:35

From: Mauritania
Registered: 29.02.2016
Posts: 255
Reputation: 183

Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

I look forward to getting this.

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25.11.2016 23:45

From: Italy
Registered: 09.03.2016
Posts: 244
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Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

Awesome share! Max Reps added and thanks man!


06.12.2016 14:16

From: Libya
Registered: 09.06.2016
Posts: 98
Reputation: 114

Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

Repped dude many thanks


08.12.2016 02:01

Active Member
From: India
Registered: 03.03.2015
Posts: 318
Reputation: 885

Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

thanks for this, maximum reps for you


17.12.2016 16:11

From: Papua New Guinea
Registered: 01.10.2015
Posts: 250
Reputation: 528

Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

Download orgasm time........


27.12.2016 04:10

From: Guinea-Bissau
Registered: 11.08.2015
Posts: 153
Reputation: 750

Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

Thank you very much for this amazing share! Max rep added :)))

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31.12.2016 11:07

From: Philippines
Registered: 31.01.2016
Posts: 101
Reputation: 954

Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

looks great!


05.01.2017 04:17

Active Member
From: St Lucia
Registered: 22.02.2015
Posts: 203
Reputation: 147

Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

any chance of a reup please?


09.01.2017 16:41

From: Argentina
Registered: 16.10.2015
Posts: 139
Reputation: 44

Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

Thanks for share. reps added.


16.01.2017 21:06

Active Member
From: Laos
Registered: 23.11.2015
Posts: 224
Reputation: 276

Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

Dont need this, but +5 rep for this great share and your hard work.


23.01.2017 04:26

From: Swaziland
Registered: 23.07.2015
Posts: 300
Reputation: 419

Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

Is it possible for you to update it


01.02.2017 16:57

Active Member
From: Chad
Registered: 25.05.2016
Posts: 398
Reputation: 882

Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

Nice Share !


06.02.2017 14:33

Active Member
From: Ghana
Registered: 16.05.2015
Posts: 241
Reputation: 872

Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

thanks buddy let me look what we have here ;)


08.02.2017 17:54

From: Romania
Registered: 10.09.2015
Posts: 221
Reputation: 602

Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

Please reup again. Thanks alot :)!


16.02.2017 22:45

From: Greece
Registered: 14.07.2016
Posts: 57
Reputation: 241

Sounds True Presents: The Yoga of Awakening -

Great share Max Reps


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