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Re: error during the installation

[HOT SHARE] REBT � The Modern Effective Therapy System

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Fully Accredited R.E.B.T Diploma�

The Modern Effective therapy System

This course is fully accredited by a globally recognized CPD body, the Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency.�

Taking this course will give you the opportunity to gain a diploma signifying formal certification for 10 hours of CPD credit.�

Please note, accreditation is optional. It is by no means compulsory, or a prerequisite for taking the course. Degree requirements vary based on the position you pursue and the area in which you reside or work. Should you wish to opt for accreditation and the diploma, full details and directions will be given at the end of the course.�

R.E.B.T or Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy to give it its full name, is a modern effective therapy system that was originally thought up by Albert Ellis during the 1950�s.

R.E.B.T is sometimes referred to�as �rational emotive therapy� or simpler still, as �rational therapy�.

R.E.B.T, is a type of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), that is focused on helping clients change irrational beliefs, and is one of a very few therapies in psychology that has evidence in support of its effectiveness.

R.E.B.T is known as the rational therapy, because at its core, this most modern of therapies is all about understanding how we make sense of our emotions.

Everything we feel and everything we do, involves emotions, so Ellis developed this action orientated approach to psychotherapy, which produces results by helping clients manage their�emotions, their�cognitions and their�behaviours.

This most wonderful and modern of therapies, teaches us that it�s not events, or things that upset and disturb us, but rather how we view these events, or things.� In essence, how a person thinks, influences their feelings.

When a person believes illogical and irrational beliefs about themselves, others, and the world, psychological problems and mental distress will often be the result.

The goal of REBT is to help people alter these negative thinking patterns and irrational, illogical beliefs, in order to overcome any resulting psychological problems.

I have created this course, in such a way that everybody can benefit from this amazing therapy approach.� No special knowledge of psychology or therapy is needed, as the course has been written�for beginners.

An open mind and a willingness to rethink the way in which you view yourself, others and the world is all that is required for you to gain maximum benefit of the REBT Model.

REBT can be effective for a long list of disorders and issues, with a good body of evidence supporting its effectiveness for each one.

These include:

  • Depression
  • Various forms of anxiety, especially social anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Phobias
  • Panic attacks
  • Eating disorders
  • All types of addictions�
  • Problems related to impulse control
  • Problems related to emotional control
  • Personality disorders
  • Anger management
  • Pain management
  • Stress management
  • Coping with health or disability problems
  • Child behavioural issues
  • Family relationship issues
  • Issues specific to couples
  • Personal growth, life goal issues, performance at work issues

As you can see, REBT is a versatile approach, helping people with a wide range of psychological and life issues.

Included in the course, you�ll find a number of resources to help you apply the principles of REBT easily and effectively.

As with all of my courses, you�ll be able to benefit from full support from myself 7 days a week.� I always get back to my students the very same day, and more often than not, within a couple of hours (depending on your time zone!)

The Syllabus contains:

  • What is REBT
  • Happiness Self Assessment
  • What do I�need to benefit from REBT
  • What can REBT�treat
  • Why you need REBT
  • Using REBT as�a Self Help Model
  • How does REBT�differ from other therapies
  • What are the�similarities of REBT with CBT
  • How does it differ from CBT
  • What is the ABCDE�Model
  • A�Exploring�Activating Event
  • B�Your Belief Systems
  • Exploring the C in REBT Consequences
  • Exploring the D�in REBT�Disputing
  • E Looking at the Effects in REBT
  • The three Basic Musts
  • Type 1 Sub-Beliefs
  • Type 2�Sub-Beliefs
  • Type 3�Sub-Beliefs
  • A whole section devoted to case studies and examples
  • The three types of acceptance and the three core beliefs
  • How to inspect your own beliefs
  • Positive Thinking and positive self talk
  • Alternative healthier thinking
  • Plus a whole section devoted to resources,�templates and worksheets!
  • Conclusion

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07.11.2016 06:30

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REBT � The Modern Effective Therapy System -

Thank you very very much man, +25 rating added :)


11.11.2016 17:15

From: Senegal
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REBT � The Modern Effective Therapy System -

nice share. +5 rep added. keep on share quality


18.11.2016 20:44

From: Central African Rep
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REBT � The Modern Effective Therapy System -

Can you update to 2.0.2 thanks


25.11.2016 03:44

Active Member
From: Yemen
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REBT � The Modern Effective Therapy System -

thanks a lot buddy


26.11.2016 13:37

From: Senegal
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REBT � The Modern Effective Therapy System -

rep +5


29.11.2016 05:59

From: Kyrgyzstan
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REBT � The Modern Effective Therapy System -

thanks buddy let me look what we have here ;)


03.12.2016 15:51

From: France
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REBT � The Modern Effective Therapy System -

Repped ya both +5 for a cool looking share

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11.12.2016 11:05

From: Lesotho
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REBT � The Modern Effective Therapy System -

Another ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR share... THANKS sony!!! +5 Reps Added For You!!!


20.12.2016 06:45

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From: Sao Tome & Principe
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REBT � The Modern Effective Therapy System -

great share, rep up

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26.12.2016 06:34

From: Saudi Arabia
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REBT � The Modern Effective Therapy System -

Thanks for sharing

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01.01.2017 04:21

From: Luxembourg
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REBT � The Modern Effective Therapy System -

Awesome share - +5 reps

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08.01.2017 00:22

From: Eritrea
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REBT � The Modern Effective Therapy System -

This seems very useful! Thanks for sharing it with us.


13.01.2017 02:30

From: Marshall Islands
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REBT � The Modern Effective Therapy System -

Good to see you starting to contribute.

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22.01.2017 06:05

From: Maldives
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REBT � The Modern Effective Therapy System -

great share, rep up

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26.01.2017 11:11

From: Botswana
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REBT � The Modern Effective Therapy System -

Thank you very much


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