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[GET][PURCHASED] Learn Close Combat Training: Military Hand-To-Hand Combat

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Drop Any Bad-Guy Who Dares Lay A Finger On You Or Your Loved Ones...Instantly!

World�s Most Natural Hand-To-Hand Combat System Lets You Humiliate Younger, Tougher, and More Experienced Fighters Every Time, Regardless of Your Age, Gender, or Physical Ability...Without Even Trying!

The Worlds #1 Self Defense Instructor, Captain Chris, reveals his amazingly simple system for stopping violent attackers dead in their tracks�no matter your age, experience or fitness level.

� Seen on major TV shows. Including The Today Show, Eye Witness News, Good Day New York, and more.

� Used by The U.S. & U.K. Special Forces, bounty hunters, mercenaries and even professional assassins�who dont have time to learn complex and outdated martial arts moves that dont work in real world violent attacks.

� So easy, you can master it in just a short weekend... even if youve never set foot in a self defense class in your life.

� So effective, even guys with no previous experience are using it to send thugs, gang members and other violent street predators into emergency rooms around the world.


If youd like to know how even someone who is slow, out-of-shape and has zero self defense experience can, in one hour or less, know more about surviving brutal street attacks than most black belt karate masters... then this letter will show you how.

Heres the story:

My name is Captain Chris... I am an unarmed combat instructor and self defense specialist. I hold black belts in 5 different martial arts, a U.S. Gold Medal in Grappling, and my students include professional assassins, international mercenaries, The U.S. & U.K. Special Forces and hundreds of elite military and law enforcement agents at the local, state and federal level.

Anyway, you can read more about me and my real life adventures seeking out the worlds most deadly self defense tactics in my �bio� section over to the right of this page.

But forget about that for now.

Its not all that important.

What is important is that, for the past several years, I have been teaching (and perfecting) a secret way of fighting that was invented during World War 2�that lets even regular Joes hurt, cripple and even kill violent attackers that threaten you, your wife or your kids:

�Without needing to be fast, strong or in shape.

�Without long, sweat-drenched hours of practice.

�And without needing any fighting experience whatsoever.

In fact, as strange as it sounds...

The Less You Know About Fighting Now...

The Better This Bizarre Self Defense System Works!

How is this possible?

To answer that question, I have no choice but to tell you a story the military and most every martial arts teacher on the planet do NOT want you to know.

Frankly, even the U.S. government will deny what Im about to say.


Almost 80 years ago, on the eve of World War 2, there was a meeting within the House of Lords in London. In attendance were some of the worlds richest and most powerful men: Including billionaires (there were only a few at the time), diplomats, kings, world leaders, presidents, and other powerful elites who controlled vast sums of money and power.

These people were literally desperate to discover the answer to one question, and one question only:

What REALLY Works In Combat?

Why did they need to know the answer to this question?

Because these guys were scared shitless (and rightfully so) that they were about to lose their entire fortunes to the single greatest threat mankind had ever seen:

The Nazis.

And so, these European power players teamed up with the British government to commission a small group of combat engineers to study every single one of the worlds most combative fighting styles, martial arts and self defense techniques.

Heres what they found:

After months of putting thousands of moves, methods and strategies under a microscope, these combat scientists discovered there are really only three core truths about winning and dominating a violent altercation (whether on the battlefield or on the street):

Core Fighting Truth #1:

In a REAL fight... when your adrenaline and emotions rage out of control... its impossible to perform the complicated kicks, strikes and throws taught in 99% of martial arts.

In fact...

The More Self Defense Moves You Know...The More Paralyzed Youll Be!

Which meant all the fancy jumping, kicking and punching the Far East gurus were teaching was, frankly, bullshit when it came to surviving violent altercations.

Reason why is because they depend on knowing dozens - even hundreds - of complex motor movements... instead of just a small handful of easy-to-learn (and

master) gross motor movements.

Just to be clear....

Complex motor movements are multi-muscle movements such as putting a key in your car door, pointing and shooting a gun, and just about every martial art move taught in todays dojos�like reverse punches, front kicks, wrist locks, arm bars, hip throws, etc.

Gross motor movements, on the other hand, are movements you can do without even thinking�like running, charging, raising your arm above your head or lifting your heels off the ground.

This was a HUGE revelation that mainstream self defense schools�even 80 years later�still have not gotten yet. (And those who do will NEVER admit it. Because lets face it, they would be out of business tomorrow if their students knew how useless all those flashy kicks and punches really are.)

But this was only one of the undeniable truths they learned in their combat labs.

Core Fighting Truth #2:

Everybody (no matter what their size, strength or skill level) has the exact same vulnerable spots on their bodies.

These areas�long known by ancient Chinese warriors, ninja assassins and elite Samurai�are like chinks in a suit of armor... where no matter how ripped up with muscle or strung out on pain-numbing drugs someone is...

They Can Be Seriously

Injured... Crippled... Or Even Killed!

Some of these spots are obvious (like your eyes and testicles).

But many of these natural human achilles heels are NOT obvious�and thus, are rarely defended against, since people dont even realize they have them on their bodies!

Which brings us to the third insight these combat experts discovered:

Core Fighting Truth #3:

If you simply know where these tender spots are... and how to attack them (using simple gross motor movements you can do without even thinking)... you can win any fight, against any person (even multiple armed people)...

In Five Seconds Or Less!

Doesnt matter if youre jumped in the dark and cant see or think.

If youre injured or immobilized.

Or even if youre held at knife or gun point, or attacked by someone stronger, faster and more experienced than you.

Frankly, none of that matters if you understand the three simple truths above.

Which is why the system these WW2 combat analysts created is unlike anything the world had seen before... or has seen since.

And the Nazis�as cruel, violent and hell bent on destruction as they were�never knew what hit them!

In fact, the soldiers who used this devastating system were legendary for jumping dozens of armed Nazi and elite Japanese commandos...

And Killing Them

With Their Bare Hands!

Sounds almost crazy, doesnt it?

I know... but even more incredible is... in many cases, these Allied Super Soldiers did not even bother using their weapons (too slow and clumsy, they reported).

Instead, they would just use these extremely effective movements they were taught sometimes the night before they were shipped off to battle.

Its incredible just thinking about it.

These Allied soldiers�some of who were in horrible physical shape from eating crappy food and smoking like chimneys back in those days�were able to learn (and master) these moves in a short weekend, and then be set loose against the Nazis in WW2 and, later, the commies in Korea and Vietnam. (After which the Washington liberals deemed this system to be too brutal�and literally banned our military from teaching it to our soldiers.)

Anyway, they called this deadly self defense system: Close Combat Training.

And let me tell you something...

As the go to guy for todays most advanced and highly trained military soldiers, mercenaries and other professional killers... I have learned a lot of cool, useful (and downright nasty) self defense tactics.

Frankly, some of the insanely violent methods I learned from the Arabian assassins in Egypt, the Israeli soldiers stationed on the West Bank, and the last remaining Samurai (while trekking through Asia) are amongst the most lethal fighting techniques ever invented.

Yet NOTHING Ive Seen Even Comes

Close This Extreme Combat Fighting System!

In fact, Close Combat Training is the worlds ONLY truly lethal self defense system that:

�Does NOT require a lot of time to master�You can learn it, literally, in a couple hours�even if youre a total fighting green horn now.

�Does NOT require you to be in peak physical condition�Ive actually seen guys with bulging beer bellies and bum kneesuse Close Combat Training to send younger and more experienced fighters�even advanced martial artists�to the emergency room.

�Does NOT require you to be uninjured to work�Again, these are gross motor movements. And thats why even soldiers with their legs blown off were able to defend themselves against armed enemies closing in on them in trenches and ditches.

�Does NOT require any practice�once you learn it, its locked in your mind, your neurology and even your muscle fibers forever. You cannot forget it even if you wanted to. Its like a weapon strapped to your leg 24/7�365 days per year�ready to be drawn and fired at a moments notice at any time, in any place, and under any circumstances.

In short, Close Combat Training is the Shangri-La of self defense all the martial arts schools, videos and seminars promise but can never deliver on.

It literally cannot be defended against.

It cannot be countered by even the most advanced martial arts blocks and evasions.

And it cannot technically even fail.

This is no joke.

With Close Combat Training, you can literally paralyze a man twice your size and weight even if you miss what you are trying to hit!

Which is why its perfect for guys like you who dont want to screw around taking formal self defense classes... dont want to practice dozens of moves and techniques... or who simply want to learn how to fight as fast as humanly possible.

This is also why elite soldiers, law enforcement agents and even cold-blooded mercenaries (who make it their job to know every single way to kill, maim and injure) travel thousands of miles (and pay me a small fortune) to learn at my feet in our New York City facility.

And its what prompted major TV shows (like The Today Show and Eye Witness News) to fly me into their studios (at their expense) and...

Teach Close Combat Training

To Their Audiences On National TV.

And guess what?

Even though it costs $14,987.00 per lesson to learn this system privately... I have just arranged it so you can learn this advanced combat system in the privacy of your own home for a FRACTION of that.

Let me explain:

Years ago (right after the 9-11 terrorist attacks), I decided to make this system available to regular civilians who could not afford my $14,987.00 price.

It was clear the world was too violent for regular martial arts to defend against. And I felt a duty�an obligation�to make it accessible to everyone... and not just my high falutin clients who can drop $14k like other guys drop a quarter in a homeless mans paper cup.

And so, I put the entire Close Combat Trainingsystem into a series of videos and offered them for a fraction of what my in-person trainings cost.

Since then,THOUSANDS of people around the globe have bought this course and learned this system.

Its been featured on national and local TV and radio.

Its been seen in big websites and magazines like Fox News, The Blaze, World Net Daily, NewsMax, Black Belt Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, Mens Journal, Soldier Of Fortune, Inside Kung Fu, etc.

And some of the worlds most

advanced martial artists have praised it as the most cutting edgeway of fighting theyve ever seen (in fact, many of them buy these lessons so they can teach it to their students!)

And even though this home study version of Close Combat Training has fetched as much as $2,000 just a few months ago, for reasons I will explain shortly... and for a VERY limited time... you can...

Watch These Videos

Without Even Paying For Them!

Ill explain this extremely generous deal in a second.

But first, heres a sneak preview of the incredible secrets youll learn when you watch these DVD�s:

  • How to toss ANY man right on his head... and break his arm on the way down if you choose to do so. (I dont care if you only weigh 90 pounds soaking wet, either�as youll see, your physical size has nothing to do with it.)
  • A 2-hit combination GUARANTEED to shatter your attackers jaw... every single time. (Six months of dental surgery and he MIGHT be able to talk and actually stand trial.)
  • Incredible �military tricks� that will take you from absolute rookie to a master fighter in just a few short hours.
  • Why a simple change in your �mindset� will mean the difference between being the prey or being the predator when surrounded by thugs, gang members and other scum on the street.
  • How to snatch a loaded gun right out of a Gangstas hand so damn fast it will literally tear his trigger finger off! (And then immediately�without even thinking about it�cave his chest in without skipping a beat.)
  • Single escape and takedown moves that require no strength whatsoever. (Perfect to teach your kids and wife... or to use when you�re hurt or attacked by bigger guys pumped up with pain-numbing drugs and rage!)
  • How to immediately win a fight if you find yourself on the ground with a bigger opponent on top of you. (And without screwing around with that tap-out B.S. you see on TV.)
  • How to control the �shakes� and super-hot adrenaline dump that occurs during tense, violent situations! (You�ll be cool, smooth and effective no matter how confusing things get... just the opposite of how most men react!)
  • The one �basic� mistake even cops and soldiers make (despite their expensive training) that erases their training advantage in a street fight. (And how to make sure YOU never fall victim to it yourself.)
  • How to lock �new� combat information into your long-term memory and nervous system.
  • How to get away from a larger attacker who surprises you. (Its instantaneous, keeps you safe from any blows, and puts him so off-balanced hes toast for your next move. And the beauty is... the bigger he is, the easier it is for you to do this!)
  • Vicious, stomach-churning (but simple) moves that allow you to lead him by his chin all the way to the ground... hard. (His body goes where you lead it, like a lifeless slab of meat�letting you control and humiliate even the biggest and toughest street punk on the block with ease.)
  • How to take a strong, oversized man down easily... without using any fancy grappling or wrestling moves.
  • The 8 �tactical� combat coordinates you must know to win a violent encounter against any attacker�including the horrendous �Hollywood� mistakes most people make that get them seriously hurt or killed. (Some of the �normal tendencies� you have are 100% wrong!)
  • How to break up the most common street attacks with a single, simple move. (Instantly cancels out anything an experienced street fighter can throw at you.)
  • Exactly how to instantly put down anyone who walks up to you and grabs your shirt, ready to bash your face in. (This is the single most common attack in bars, parties, and other places where people with lots of liquid courage inside them cause trouble.)
  • How to make someone who tries to choke you literally drown in his own spit. (Frankly, you have to see this one to believe it�its that incredible.)
  • How even a 105 pound girl can snap a big guys wrist or elbow like a stale pretzel rod.
  • How to spin an attacker around when he grabs, pushes, or reaches�take his back�and LIGHTS OUT!
  • The Shake & Bake principle of violent aggression. This is how you can exponentially multiply the viciousness of ANY choke or joint lock.
  • What to do if your attacker is simply TOO BIG.
  • How to inflict unbearable pain to shut off his brain while you end the fight.
  • Plus much, MUCH more...

Including... How to control a bigger and stronger attackers entire body with one knuckle... A secret way (unknown to 99% of martial artists) to stop a 70 mph punch without blocking or evading it... and even...

How To Cripple Someone Twice Your Size And Weight...Using Nothing More Than The Tips Of Your Fingers!

I know that sounds almost like voodoo.

But its a proven fact:

If you simply know the right place (and the right way) to touch your enemy, hell drop like a lead balloon�easily letting you run or finish him off (whichever floats your boat).

Anyway, I dont care how old you are, what kind of shape youre in, or if youve never been in a real fight in your life.

After watching just the first few videos ALONE...

Youll Know More About Surviving A Life-Or-Death Street Assault Than Most Black Belt Karate Masters!

Without long, grueling hours of practice.

Without drilling hundreds of boring techniques that are useless in a real fight.

And without sweating your ass off in some lame martial arts dojo with a bunch of obnoxious kids and teenagers.


Since I am first and foremost a professional educator (I spent several years teaching in the New Jersey public school system), I created these videos with a special built in quick learning mechanism so anyone can absorb the information as fast as possible. (Regardless of your unique learning style.)

This is one of the reasons guys like to get this course right before being shipped off to battle or give to their kids before sending them to college:

They are specifically designed to be learned� and mastered�in just a few hours.

Finally (and perhaps best of all)...

Because of the unique gross motor movements Close Combat Training uses, just going through the system ONE time will literally clean out your neural pathways.

This basically means the internal lines that connect your body to your mind will automatically start working more efficiently.

Youll be able to think faster, clearer and more decisively than ever before. Everything you do�whether at work, in your business, or even on the golf course�will be at a much higher level than everyone else around you.

This is an awesome side effect you will notice almost immediately.

Bottom line?

Close Combat Training is the ONLY proven effective no sweating, no hard training self defense system ever invented.

  • You do NOT have to spend a lot of time to master it.
  • You do NOT need a live instructor to learn it.
  • And you do NOT even need a training partner to practice it.

This is why Close Combat Training has been endorsed and used by everyone from elite soldiers in the U.S. Special Forces, Marines and Army Rangers (who can only afford to use what can be mastered extremely fast)... to professional assassins, bounty hunters, inner city cops... and even other self defense teachers and gurus from Korea, Japan and Tibet.

Now how about when it comes to you?

When YOU learn these simple tactics, youll know�in just a few short hours�how to deal with any violent situation.

Feel completely at ease walking down a dark alley on the bad side of town.

And NEVER worry about what to do if things go bad on the street�even if youre with your wife and kids.

In fact...

Dont be surprised if people all the suddenly react different to you.

Start treating you with more respect. And instantly know by the way you move and the look in your eye...

Youre NOT Someone To Screw Around With!


Watch and see.

See if people dont move out of YOUR way when walking down a crowded sidewalk. If your friends, neighbors and co-workers dont start coming to you for advice about self defense. If your wife doesnt immediately look at you differently because she knows her man can take care of business�and truly protect her and her children if the worst happens.

Why Am I Basically Giving These Lessons Away?

Thats a great question.

And Id certainly be wondering the same thing.

Fact is, I have sold these video lessons for as much as $2,000 and still had a backlog of orders from people who heard about us from their friends or saw me demonstrate it on national TV.

But heres the thing:

I meet a LOT of people in this business.

Not just students and fans... but high level military and government security analysts (who I literally have to sneak in through the back door, since our government banned our soldiers and agents from learning this after Vietnam).

And I KNOW the kind of crazy stuff thats about to hit the fan in our country.

Ive seen statistics, reports and projections that would quite frankly cause a nation-wide panic if everyone knew the truth.

Believe me...

Whatever you think you might know about crime and violence (from reading the newspaper and listening to talk radio) is just a watered-down version of the REAL story meant to keep the public calm and our politicians butts covered.

The fact is... with the explosion of criminal illegal alien gangs allowed to freely roam big cities like LA, Chicago and New York...

... international terrorists basically invited in by the Washington liberals...

...and the rising number of left wing nuts in Congress passing laws that empower criminals and castrate guys like you...

...knowing how to kick someones ass at the drop of a dime is no longer a luxury.

It Is Crucial To You And Your Familys Survival!

And no disrespect to anyone... but old school martial arts just wont cut it.

Those slapped together $29 video courses on the Internet and tacky storefront martial arts schools will NOT do you a lick of good in a REAL violent street altercation�where there are no rules, regulations or referees to keep things fair.

And because of this, I just dont think guys like you should have to mortgage your home to get these lessons (which is exactly what one guy recently wanted to do�and what prompted me to test out this deal in the first place).

Instead, I want you to take the system for a spin �without financial pressure. Which is why the Close Combat Training core system is priced right for every possible budget.

And check this out:

To further encourage you to try Close Combat Training today... I am including a couple of additional bonuses...

Bonus #1: The By-The-Numbers Learning Course (Value $97)

My personal favorite part of the whole system... youll gain instant online access to this video immediately and Ill walk you step-by-step through a secret way (known only to a few top level Special Forces soldiers and myself) to not only accelerate your learning of Close Combat, but also any other subject you want to learn... like foreign languages, technical instructions, or other professional skills.

This is highly advanced (even classified, in some countries) information you can use to compete and win at work, in sports and when locked in mortal combat with some freak attacking your family on the street.

Bonus #2 Womens Self Defense Course (Value $97)

When I began to see how many men were using Close Combat to pick-up women... Husbands impressing their wives... and Dads teaching their daughters how to defend themselves... I thought it was high time I created a video specifically to tackle womens greatest fears (Rape, forced home entry, car jackings, stalkers, etc.).

My womens self defense experience video covers all that and more.

Because lets face it...

You never know who is watching, stalking and probing your wife or daughter right now�whether shes walking through the mall parking lot, pushing a cart through the grocery store or working out at the gym.

Women are natural care takers and want to help people all the time. And the sociopaths, rapists and serial killers use this fact to lure women into empty, isolated places where nobody can hear their screams.

But you wont have to worry about that anymore.

Because once your wife or daughter watches this instant online video, she will NEVER be easy pickings for these sick bastards. I get testimonials about this video ALL THE TIME from women who were once afraid of walking to their cars at night or who were being stalked by psychotic ex-boyfriends.

In fact...the FIRST thing I recommend doing after you invest in Close Combat Training is to sit your wife or daughter down and show them this video. It could very well save their lives.

Anyway, thats about it. Now its up to you...

if youve got the right stuff, I can show you the most sought-after self defense methods ever developed.

And while Im CERTAINLY NOT going to promise you will become a TRAINED KILLER overnight...

I CAN guarantee you will have the skills, confidence and near-magical ability to protect your family in a violent attack and never fear any man ever again.

But time is short, and you must hurry.

I reserve the right to end this incredibly generous deal (and insanely low price) at any time without warning.

So if youre serious about learning this, dont put it off or file it away for later.

And don�t forget�

With Udemy�s IRON-CLAD, 100% money back guarantee?

There Is Simply No Way You

Can Possibly Lose!

Click the �Take This Course� button above and lets get to work.

One more thing�it�s important!

I�ve also included my completely �uncensored� STREET SAMURAI videos as well... with information our lawyers have told us we should remove to keep ourselves out of trouble.

That means if you order today, you�ll get several additional advanced �tricks� only a handful of people worldwide possess. And uncut and �uncensored� lesson are instantly available once you join the course.

Click the �Take This Course� button above and lets get to work.

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Learn Close Combat Training: Military Hand-To-Hand Combat -

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Learn Close Combat Training: Military Hand-To-Hand Combat -

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Learn Close Combat Training: Military Hand-To-Hand Combat -

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Learn Close Combat Training: Military Hand-To-Hand Combat -

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Learn Close Combat Training: Military Hand-To-Hand Combat -

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Learn Close Combat Training: Military Hand-To-Hand Combat -

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Learn Close Combat Training: Military Hand-To-Hand Combat -

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