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Re: error during the installation

[PURCHASED] Laughter Facilitator Certification


File Size: 66 mb X 30 Lessons



RAR file contains

		1. Laughter Facilitator
		2. ReadMe.Important!.txt
		3. Changelog.txt
		4. Documentation.html
		5. Laughter Facilitator Certification Scan

		SHA256:	d3c75aa55f751c48c8c97eef941fcf79112222409278c93112f1942a19b876b5
		File name:	Laughter Facilitator Certification.rar
		Detection ratio:	0 / 53 / Clean 
		Analysis date:	24.02.2015 15:06 UTC




This course was just recently launched and already has over 1,600 students and 49+ great reviews.�

We are one of the top Udemy Instructors in the Personal Development Field. our courses have been taken by over 25,000�happy students from 166�Countries.

We have a thriving community in the course and we are actively involved and answer questions within 24h.

The course also has a thriving Facebook networking group.��We also just launched The Transformation Life Coach�Directory�for those that complete our certification programs. �


Become a Certified Laughter Facilitator and lead group sessions that combine laughter exercises and yogic breathing. Laughter programs are a great addition to your coaching, speaking or yoga/wellness practice!

What is a Laughter Session? Laughter sessions challenge you to laugh, intentionally, for 30 minutes. Facilitators lead a group through exercises that bring out a child-like playfulness while breathing, clapping, moving, and, of course, laughing. The structured laughter quickly leads to genuine, and often contagious, laughter. The laughter sessions begin with a brief discussion about the psychology of happiness and the benefits of laughter, followed by breathing exercises, laughter games, and relaxation techniques. Participants leave feeling energized!

Benefits of Laughter: Laughter has many psychological, emotional, and physical healing benefits, including: lowering blood pressure,�releasing stress, boosting the immune system, toning core muscles,�natural pain killer, stimulates creativity, productivity, and motivation, exercising your heart and lungs, and elevating mood, dissolves distressing emotions such as�anxiousness, anger, or sadness.�

Clinical research has also�proven that laughter lowers the level of stress hormones (epinephrine, cortisol, etc) in the blood. This causes a reduction in the feelings of stress. The yogic breathing portion of laughter sessions has additional stress-busting benefits. It is a gentle aerobic exercise that oxygenates the body and blood, which leads to participants feeling energized. Theses are just�some of the many benefits of laughter and yogic breathing.�

What you will receive:

  • A complete blueprint for conducting laughter sessions in schools, nursing homes, corporations, wellness studios or integrate with your current workshops or private sessions
  • Dozens of laughter and breathing exercises to use to design your customized laughter session or include with your current programs
  • �Detailed research, facts and concepts to teach about the psychology of happiness and the benefits of laughter
  • Tips for designing your program, engaging your audience, and memorizing your exercises
  • Business tips for designing your sessions and determining locations to hold and market them
  • �Strategies for implementing laughter sessions in your practice, whether you�re a speaker, coach, counselor, activity director, yoga instructor, teacher or other professional.

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05.11.2016 01:01

Active Member
From: Gambia
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Laughter Facilitator Certification -

Thanks for the share +5 for you


09.11.2016 03:26

From: Brazil
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Laughter Facilitator Certification -

5+ Rating added thanks for the share


14.11.2016 03:50

From: Denmark
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Laughter Facilitator Certification -



16.11.2016 06:51

Active Member
From: Singapore
Registered: 04.03.2016
Posts: 276
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Laughter Facilitator Certification -

+5 rep added!!!


20.11.2016 03:57

From: Sri Lanka
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Laughter Facilitator Certification -

link down.. reupload please..


25.11.2016 09:36

Active Member
From: Sierra Leone
Registered: 06.10.2015
Posts: 185
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Laughter Facilitator Certification -

Thanks waiting for this good share +5 reps added


02.12.2016 23:26

From: Tajikistan
Registered: 10.03.2016
Posts: 265
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Laughter Facilitator Certification -

Looking forward to this one. Reps added.


10.12.2016 07:05

From: Guatemala
Registered: 13.10.2015
Posts: 131
Reputation: 429

Laughter Facilitator Certification -

Thanks for the share mate ! I was waiting for this for a long time !


17.12.2016 20:41

Active Member
From: Belgium
Registered: 28.02.2016
Posts: 281
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Laughter Facilitator Certification -

Thanks Sony reped +++


21.12.2016 19:57

From: Singapore
Registered: 28.04.2016
Posts: 390
Reputation: 9

Laughter Facilitator Certification -

...................... Awesome First Share!

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31.12.2016 00:50

From: Gabon
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Laughter Facilitator Certification -

Nice share my friend, thanks

It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.


08.01.2017 13:12

Active Member
From: Germany
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Laughter Facilitator Certification -

Thanks for your time and effort for the forum!!!

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