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[VIP SHARE] How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course


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Creating logos isnt easy, especially when working with particular clients. And with so many designers out there, differentiating yourself can be difficult.

Knowing how to effectively map out your ideas will be the foundation on which you can craft extraordinary logos and bring something fresh to the table that clients cant refuse. This is how you make clients happy, draw attention to your work, build your client base, and potentially earn more money.

Learn How to Design an Eye-Catching and Effective Logo Every Time.

  • Generating and Sketching Design Ideas Quickly
  • Fonts and Text Positioning
  • Color and Format Options
  • Using Adobe Illustrator for Creation of Logos
  • Submitting Design Ideas and Working with Clients

Make Every Client Happy by Designing a Great Logo

The most difficult part of working as a designer is being able to generate a logo that a client will be happy with. The key is knowing how to understand a clients expectations, and using the right tools to draft ideas quickly. As a designer, you should also know how to properly position text, and how to choose the right colors and fonts that will represent a business in the best and most accurate way.

Contents and Overview

This course, containing over 42 lectures and 2.5 hours of content, provides step-by-step instructions on logo design. No logo design experience is required; however, you should have a full or free trial version of Adobe Illustrator, even though you dont need prior knowledge working in this program.

Youll receive a 61-page eBook on how to design logos, as well as information on how to receive a logo design brief from a client. Then youll learn how to collect reference materials and imagery to sketch out ideas.

Upon completion of this course, youll understand mind mapping and mood boards, which help you brainstorm logos. Youll know how to create unique symbols, add elements to a word, use geometric shapes and initials, and position text properly.

Students will nail the basics of Illustrator, know where to find free fonts, and create logos in color, black and white, and in different formats. Youll also receive tips on sending ideas to clients, making changes and finalizing a logo, and pricing your work. All of these skills will make you a more valuable designer or allow you to use your creativity to make your own logos.

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12.10.2016 13:11

From: Korea South
Registered: 27.04.2015
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How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course -

If I could give you a million reps, I would without any hesitation! I was looking for this!

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14.10.2016 07:15

From: Vietnam
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How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course -

Max reps to scorpio and simplified. You guys rock. :)

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23.10.2016 04:52

From: Vietnam
Registered: 26.01.2015
Posts: 311
Reputation: 43

How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course -

Wow, this looks great! Thanks!


24.10.2016 09:19

From: Zambia
Registered: 18.04.2015
Posts: 177
Reputation: 784

How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course -

Fantastic share. Max reps added. Many thanks!


01.11.2016 12:53

From: Montenegro
Registered: 05.09.2015
Posts: 173
Reputation: 421

How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course -

THANK YOU! Max reps added!


04.11.2016 00:54

From: Slovakia
Registered: 02.07.2016
Posts: 134
Reputation: 956

How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course -

please reup some one please


11.11.2016 03:48

From: Ghana
Registered: 02.02.2015
Posts: 195
Reputation: 195

How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course -

Rep Follows For You!


14.11.2016 18:02

From: Tanzania
Registered: 14.07.2016
Posts: 14
Reputation: 535

How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course -

Someone please reupload


18.11.2016 14:26

From: Togo
Registered: 18.06.2015
Posts: 332
Reputation: 591

How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course -

Will post a mirror here as soon as I'm able to save it to my


21.11.2016 22:30

Active Member
From: Venezuela
Registered: 11.08.2015
Posts: 236
Reputation: 108

How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course -

saving for later...thanks.


24.11.2016 12:02

From: Sao Tome & Principe
Registered: 16.06.2016
Posts: 191
Reputation: 274

How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course -

Great share! Interested as well :) Thanks a bunch in advance!


30.11.2016 12:24

From: Netherlands
Registered: 14.07.2016
Posts: 108
Reputation: 919

How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course -

I second the motion. Deads!


01.12.2016 06:52

From: Bolivia
Registered: 10.02.2015
Posts: 294
Reputation: 695

How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course -

This could be useful to me, thanks for share! Giving you rep

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