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Re: error during the installation

[SHARE OF THE MONTH] Creating 3D environments in Blender

Link Updated: Download

File Size: 85 mb X 159 Lessons



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		2. ReadMe.Important!.txt
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		4. Documentation.html
		5. Creating 3D environments in Blender Scan

		SHA256:	7d124d5254a58b84ea59a18ab22b08234d27fda80b5be971514bb7b19c29a02f
		File name:	Creating 3D environments in Blender.rar
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		Analysis date:	23.10.2015 15:32 UTC



A very unique Blender 3D course about the creation of environments, taught by environment artist Rob Tuytel. Through out each of the many lessons you are introduced to the powerful and free Blender 3D program. After becoming familiar with the Blender user interface, students will learn how to create a landscape design from scratch. Additional videos in this series teach students how to apply materials, lights and even advanced node systems to their models. Finally, this series will show students how to make an organization plan and create a very advanced environment scene including buildings and characters.

The final course scene was rated well on Artstation with more than 215�+ likes. Find out what makes an artwork special and be partof the developing process.

You will learn:

We start with installing Blender and making some simple objects. We get in touch with the Blender interface and I will show the most used buttons in this course.

We continue with making a fence and add a simple wood texture. You will get in touch with the UV image editor and learn how to apply textures on your model. Then I will explain the material editor and show how nodes work. You will learn how to make a simple shader combination to add moss on the fence. I will also show some other shaders like transparency and translucency.

After these lessons we start with the building process, first making a simple building, but after making some progress we will start creating more advanced buildings, including ornaments.

After completing the buildings, we start with the nature part and I will explain how to make grass, flowers, weed, rocks and trees. We will use The Grove 3D to generate trees. After the nature part we will make a landscape scene and add all the objects including a sand path with water puddles.

After the nature chapter we will focus on atmosphere and lighting, using the point and sun lamp to make a light setup. We will also use an environment map to light the scene. In the end we will use some atmosphere fog to create mist in the scene.

Then its time to create the final scene, we start from scratch and use a scene map as a reference and make a rough setup. From that point we build the scene and face all the challenges that comes with environment modeling. In the end we do a final review and finalize the scene.

This course is recorded in blender 2.75 and 2.76b. We will use the cycles render engine

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03.10.2016 06:09

From: Finland
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Creating 3D environments in Blender -

link down.. reupload please..


13.10.2016 10:00

From: Macedonia
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Creating 3D environments in Blender -

Thanks once again. PM'd and +5 repped.

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20.10.2016 08:11

From: Togo
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Creating 3D environments in Blender -

thanks, pm sent rep added


27.10.2016 01:34

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Creating 3D environments in Blender -

someone has reported this link on mega and they have deleted same s*** again with reporting links on this forum happen.

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28.10.2016 14:16

From: Bhutan
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Creating 3D environments in Blender -

THX REP+++++


03.11.2016 23:43

From: Mauritius
Registered: 27.04.2016
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Creating 3D environments in Blender -

Awesome - thank you for this share.

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12.11.2016 04:22

From: Bosnia Herzegovina
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Creating 3D environments in Blender -

Gave you a +5. Thanks.


15.11.2016 19:49

From: Maldives
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Creating 3D environments in Blender -

Thanks a lot for your great share. Max +Reps added.


20.11.2016 23:59

From: Bosnia Herzegovina
Registered: 20.11.2015
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Creating 3D environments in Blender -

Keep those awesome shares coming.


23.11.2016 23:55

From: Iraq
Registered: 24.02.2016
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Creating 3D environments in Blender -

Thank you in advance for the links.


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