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[VIP][PURCHASED] How to DRAFT a Business Plan?


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This course is made for people that want to quickly and economically draft a plan to structure their idea and create alignment inside their team.

It�s ideal for people that wants to get a direction for their business but don�t want (or don�t need) to spend months in developing a complete plan such as:

  • Freelancers,
  • Existing entrepreneurs looking for growth,
  • Tech starters with few capital requirements

The main benefits are:

  • Structure your ideas
  • Get a clear direction
  • Create alignment inside your team

We use a visual method with brainstorming templates and post it.

The course is structured in 5 building blocks:

  • The Entrepreneur: Understanding the characteristic an entrepreneur should have in order to be successful.
  • The Analysis: In this section we will carry out a simple external analysis looking at Environment, Industry, Market, Customer
  • The Opportunity: After the Analysis we will identify our opportunity
  • The Plan: In the planning section we will clearly show the different elements that constitute the plan.
  • The Risks: Finally we will identify risks and develop risk mitigation strategies

At the end of this course, you will have a clearer idea of what you want to do with your business. You will also be able to draft a simple DECK presentation to discuss your plan.

Attention I got some confusion before, here is the definition of DRAFT used as a verb (ref:the free dictionary) its also the one I use :

  1. to draw up an outline or sketch for something to draft a speech
  2. to prepare a plan or design of

If you want to write a plan and approach investors, you might want to use this course to create a first draft but we advise you to take our other course on how to Create a damn good business plan?!, more suitable for this purpose.

Here is the link to that course:

I also have another course on Marketing plan made easy. You can check at this URL:

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16.08.2016 06:39

From: Solomon Islands
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How to DRAFT a Business Plan? -

d*** Awesome Share!! Max rep.. Thank You!


22.08.2016 19:40

From: Tuvalu
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How to DRAFT a Business Plan? -

WOW! Thank you for this amazing share :) Reps added.


23.08.2016 17:46

From: Luxembourg
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How to DRAFT a Business Plan? -

Thanks for sharing and the license. +5repped.


01.09.2016 07:06

From: Georgia
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How to DRAFT a Business Plan? -

thanks + reps...awesome.


06.09.2016 11:43

From: Kuwait
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How to DRAFT a Business Plan? -

Wow bro + 5REP Thanks much

It's been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.


12.09.2016 03:59

Active Member
From: Bhutan
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How to DRAFT a Business Plan? -

Repped dude many thanks


21.09.2016 07:11

From: Congo {Democratic Rep}
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How to DRAFT a Business Plan? -

Thanks a lot for your great share. I already sent your +5Rep


26.09.2016 08:35

From: Trinidad & Tobago
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How to DRAFT a Business Plan? -

WOW! Thank you for this amazing share :) Reps added.


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